Who am I?


Max Luijten

Hello, I'm Max! At the young age of 21, I've embarked on a fresh academic journey as a first-year student at Avans Informatica in Breda. My passion extends beyond just movies. I'm an avid reader who gets lost in the world of books, and when I'm not immersed in literature, you can find me navigating virtual realms in video games. The joy of dining out with friends, sharing laughs, and creating memories is something I cherish.

It's these simple pleasures of life that keep me inspired and motivated. Join me on "Movies with Max" as we celebrate the world of cinema and more!

Founder of Movies with Max

In a world where cinema not only entertains but also influences, educates, and empowers, I felt a deep-seated urge to create a platform where movie enthusiasts could not only find information about their favorite films but also share their perspectives and feelings.

Movies with Max was born out of a passion for storytelling through the medium of film. From the whispered conversations in dimly lit theaters to the heated debates during dinner parties, movies have always been more than just a pastime for me—they have been a window to diverse cultures, ideologies, and human experiences.

However, in today's age of information overload, it's easy to miss out on the essence of a film, get swayed by mainstream opinions, or simply remain uninformed about cinematic gems. This platform serves as a haven for cinephiles, a place where one can delve deeper into the nuances of a plot, appreciate the artistry of scenes, or critique character developments—all while being part of a community that genuinely cares about cinema.

At Movies with Max, you can:

  • Explore detailed information on a wide array of films, from cult classics to the latest blockbusters.
  • Review movies and share your unique insights and perspectives.
  • Engage in discussions, fostering a community where every opinion is valued and every voice is heard.
  • Discover films that might have slipped under your radar, recommended by a community of fellow enthusiasts.

In essence, Movies with Max isn’t just another movie website; it’s a movement, an ode to the world of cinema. Whether you’re a casual movie-goer or a hardcore film buff, this space is for you.

Join us in our journey through the reel world, one frame at a time.


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