TITLE: In the mood for love
RELEASE DATE: 29 Sep 2000
GENRE: Drama, Romance
CAST: Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Maggie Cheung, Rebecca Pan, Kelly Lai Chen, Siu Ping-lam


Steeped in love, lust, and melancholy, the films of Wong Kar Wai are a true cinephile’s dream. One of the great contemporary filmmakers, Wong is a master at capturing the many forms of love and courtship: from budding desire and heady infatuation to delirious heartbreak. Wong’s woozy, non-linear visions of urban loneliness traverse the specifics of their time and place to capture our hunger as humans to connect. Yet they also offer indelible portraits of place, from a densely populated, globalized Hong Kong to a rough-and-ready bedsit in Buenos Aires. His atmospheric cinematic worlds—often brought to life by regular cinematographer Christopher Doyle—shimmer with boldly saturated colors, shake to electrifying soundtracks, and judder with skittish step-printed effects. Deeply influential, the innovative director has turned generations onto arthouse cinema and ignited the independent film scene in Hong Kong.


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SuperStarzZ_00x: 10/10

OMG!!! That aesthetic tho *_* <3 So in love with this movie!!! Wong Kar-wai is a GENIUS!!! The feels...!!! \(^o^)/ #nostalgia

DreamyEyes_xoxo: 9.5/10

Those cheongsams and suits? Super FAB!!! Classic romance... makes me wanna live in the 60s!!! (^_^)v ♥♥

GlitterPony2001: 9/10

The soundtrack...I mean...WOW!!! Every scene feels like a dream!! I can't even...!! Tears everywhere T_T #HeartbreakVibes

BlinkStar_02: 8/10

SO different from typical Hollywood stuff! Obsessed with the slow-burn romance and those COLORS!!! Brb, crying a river (T_T)